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glacierscout's Journal

25 February 1954
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Welcome to my Journal.

General Policies

You are probably here through a link from hogwarts_elite, or else you are already a member there and are tracking back from a comment or an entry I've made. I have just a few friending rules, that I'm sure you can live with.

1) All of my posts and your responses will be public.
2) I will never friend you first.
3) I will always friend back.

I believe in safe Internet surfing. Since I'm so much older than most of you (53) and male, I more closely resemble the classic Internet stalker than anyone else on your friends list. I'm not one, really. To keep all of us safe, I won't break these rules.

General Summary

I'm old by Live Journal standards (53), happily married and I have four kids, all of whom are growing up and becoming independent, except for our disabled daughter. I'm a geologist by training, and I work for an environmental consulting firm. In my free time, I am VERY actively involved with my son's Boy Scout troop, and with the Scouting movement in our district and council. I'm also actively involved with my church (Episcopal) and have been active with a prison ministry program in the past. My wife likes the Boy Scouts, because she claims it keeps me out of prison. In the rest of my free time (what little there is) I do counted cross stitch and make quilts.

Biography and Education

I grew up in Montana, then moved to New Jersey during my freshman year in high school. I went to college at Lehigh University, where I planned on majoring in civil engineering, with a second degree in environmental sciences. I realized that I liked the sciences far more than I liked engineering, so after earning the first degree, I got started on a master's degree in geology, which I never finished. Instead, my department chairman and my advisor convinced me to stay on for a Ph. D., which I earned in 1988. I got to study glaciers in Alsaka, Argentina, Spitzbergen and Antarctica while I was in school. When I graduated, I taught at the University of Dayton for three years, but that didn't work out, I now work for a small environmental consulting company as a geologist and hydrogeologist. We have lived in Dayton Ohio for about nineteen years.


I have been married for twenty-six years, and we have four children.

The oldest is a daughter who has graduated from college with a technical theater major. She now works as a cashier supervisor for a hardware store. She's engaged to a very nice young man. My family approves of him.

Our second daughter is really our youngest, because she has severe mental handicaps, She functions at about a one and a half year old level, but she's a happy little girl, and very stubborn.

mari4212 is my youngest daughter, and the one who got me started on LiveJournal. She's finished her junior year in college, and is a total Hufflepuff. Stop over at her journal, if you'd like, but anyone who has friended me has probably friended her first.

Our youngest child is our son, who is starting his senior year in high school. He's an Eagle Scout, and an assistant scoutmaster in our troop. He;s also active in technical theater, and wants to go to college as a pre-med major. He's been admitted to Hampshire College, and will start there this fall.

Church and Religion

We worship at Christ Episcopal Church, in downtown Dayton. The church just celebrated its 175th anniversary, and it is the mother church to four other Episcopal churches in the area, and grandmother to two more. It's a fairly liberal congregation, and a kind of destination church, since nobody lives close to the parish, and we all get to brag about how many churches we pass on the way down.

Like many Episcopalians, I was brought up Roman Catholic, by parents who felt whipsawed by Vatican II. I went to college with only a vague set of beliefs, and the habit of going to Mass on Sundays. During my freshman year, I met a bunch of crazy Christians, some Catholic and some Protestant, and through them, I discovered my own faith.

I soon parted company with the Catholic Church, especially when the more straight-laced, down-the-line Catholic priest took over. I participated in campus activities, with the occasional visit to an off-campus Presbyterian church into my grad student days. Finally, I led a kind of personal protest against some of the campus Christians, by deciding to worship on campus. The Protestant chaplain was an Episcopal priest, and a good friend, and his campus services were straight out of the then-new 1979 Book of Common Prayer. When Christmas break came along, and on-campus services ceased, I followed the chaplain and his family to Trinity Episcopal Church, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and I never left. I was received the following year, and stayed a member of that parish until I earned my Ph. D and moved to Ohio. I was married there, and all four of my kids were baptized there.

I've participated in Episcopal Cursillo while still in Bethlehem, then again after we moved to Ohio. I've also participated for quite a few years in the Kairos Prison Ministries - think of a Cursillo Weekend in a maximum security prison and you've got the picture.

In spite of being an evangelical (Cursillo and Kairos) and traditionalist (Boy Scouts), I'm a political, social, and ecclesiastic liberal. I first encountered the "new" Prayer Book when it just came out, and it was a delight. My first Episcopal congregation had an associate who was the first regularly-ordained woman priest in the Diocese of Bethlehem, and she was (and is) such a good priest that it seemed nonsensical to exclude women from ordination. My current congregation has several gay and lesbian members, who I met as people first, and only later learned were gay. So for me, the experience of the BCP, of women's ministries and of the faith of gay and lesbian Christians was something that I experienced first. That has made it far easier to accept and embrace all of these changes.

Boy Scouts

I was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer as a youth. I made it as far as Life before I turned 18, but I was not anywhere close to Eagle. I left Scouting when I went to college.

I rejoined Scouting when my son (the youngest of my four children) joined Cub Scouts 13 years ago. I worked behind the scenes as the advancement coordinator and treasurer for the pack for four years.

I transferred up to the troop in 2000 when my son became a Boy Scout. I was a committee member for the first year or so, then became an assistant scoutmaster. I became the troop committee chair in the fall of 2005. My son earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2006.

Since joining the troop, I've gotten involved with district and council activities too. I helped plan winter camporees for three years. I took an adult training course that our council offers, then came back on the staff for the past five years. I completed the Wood Badge course in 2003, and was on the staff for the course in the fall of 2005. For all of you Scouters out there, I'm a good 'ol fox too. I took on the job of training coordinator for the local district in the summer of 2006, which also puts me on the training committee for the council. I went to the National Jamboree as an assistant scoutmaster in 2005. I'm active in the Order of the Arrow, which is Scouting's honor society. I was called out to be a Vigil member of our OA lodge, and completed my Vigil in October 2006. My Vigil name is Achsin Elachtoniket, which in Lenni Lenape is "Rock Seeker".


In my limited free time, I do counted cross stitch, make patchwork quilts, and do fancy knotwork. I also got involved in hogwarts_elite, where I was sorted into Ravenclaw.

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